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Avoid the Scare, Schedule Recare

Peace of mind: Proactive service for dental equipment

In the same way you keep your mouth healthy with regular hygiene visits, dental equipment that makes a practice hum needs periodic care. Reach Dental Equipment Service offers an innovative program to stay ahead of equipment breakdowns and malfunctions. Reach’s Recare semi-annual service covers all parts of a dental office:

  • Mechanical Room

  • Sterilization Area

  • Operatories

  • Lab

For dentists and their staff, Reach Recare reduces stress. They know the equipment they depend on daily is inspected, checked and serviced by highly qualified technicians. For Dr. Gerald Kennedy, participating in proactive equipment maintenance “makes total sense. It’s just like dentistry where we recommend our patients come in every 6 months to prevent bigger problems. Maintenance is everything and well worth the time and money.”

Preventive care: Staying ahead of equipment issues

Reach technicians offer broad expertise on how to maintain dental equipment health. Combine that knowledge with a thorough inspection of each area in a dental office and you minimize potential emergencies and subsequent production loss. Each client in our Reach Recare program knows their technician has identified and prioritized potential problems, resolving minor issues during the Recare process.

Planning for success: Partnering with our clients

After each Recare visit (typically every 6 months), our technician reviews Recare recommendations with the office like a patient’s Treatment Plan. The technician and client then schedule service to address problem areas, aligning service to fit the client’s schedule and budget.

Panic solved: Why wait for an emergency?

Commitment to periodic Reach Recare significantly adds to the longevity of equipment. Plus, it raises awareness when failing equipment may need replacing, giving clients time to secure favorable pricing for purchases.

Like regular visits to your dentist, keep your office healthy by engaging in Reach Recare for your equipment.

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