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Important to Manufacturers

Changing Technical Service

Reach Dental Equipment Service is changing technical service in the dental industry by doing three unique things:

  • building a service-only company focused on technician success

  • providing proactive equipment care to reduce emergency repairs and increase equipment confidence.

  • making the service process much easier for our clients

Five reasons why this is important to dental equipment manufacturers:

1. Through our proactive Reach Recare program, equipment is better maintained resulting in more product confidence and fewer product problems.

2. Manufacturer reps spend less time on product problems and more time on product sales.

3. Reach technicians are closely tied to their clients making them the first and most reliable source for equipment needs and referrals.

4. Reach technicians serve as a go-to resource for field technical support. We only hire the most respected and accomplished technicians.

5. Reach is the future of technical service: a better work experience for technicians and a better service experience for dental offices.

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