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More Than a Parade: A Life in Harmony

One of the country’s largest children’s parades takes place in Portland OR: the Fred Meyer Junior Parade. At this event more than 45,000 children march through the streets of Portland’s Hollywood District, creating an incredible spectacle. It’s something every Portland area kid needs to do at least once.

For me, sharing this event with my kids has always been a challenge. It either meant taking a day off work or choosing to skip the parade completely. But now I live a different life, one where I find a way to make my family life work in harmony with my professional life.

I decided I wanted to work for a company where I had more control, flexibility, responsibility and ownership in my job, my day and my success. I wanted a way to make my professional life fit better with my family life. I wanted to be able to make decisions that meant being really connected to my family and my clients. I know I’ve found that harmony.

In March, I chose to join the Reach Dental Equipment Service team and when the Junior Parade took place in June I knew that we wouldn’t miss it. I scheduled my service calls that day so my clients’ needs were handled, and my family could be there for the parade. I’m excited to think I’m with a company where I can reach the highest levels of professional success but also do the important things for me and my family.

For me, that summer day was about more than making a memory with my family. It was about making a choice that allowed me to have a life in harmony.

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