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2019 - A Big Year of Growth for Reach

2019 proved to be another successful year for Reach Dental Equipment Service.

Highlights include:

  • 223 dental offices chose Reach as their new service provider

  • Our business grew by 470%

  • Great technicians joined the Reach team in Portland OR and Austin TX

  • 22 manufacturers/parts providers became partners

  • Market share reached 17% in Portland and 15% in Austin

  • Connections were created with 57 technicians around the country to explore becoming part of the Reach team

Reach CEO, Greg Biersack, shared, “2019 was an incredible year for our company. We proved we could attract some of the best technicians, and they could build successful service territories. It reinforced the idea that technicians are looking for better career opportunities and dental offices want improved service at more affordable rates.”

In 2020, Reach looks forward to adding more technicians to their team, helping more dental practices, growing into new markets, and working with more manufacturer partners.

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