Another Opportunity Where Technician Contribution Leads to Reward

We feel that when a technician plays the critical role of diagnosing the need for an equipment purchase and recommends a good fit for the client that leads to a sale, they should be rewarded. As a technician-centric company, we have found a way to make this happen. We don’t want a technician to be overly incentivized to do something not in the client’s best interest or to pull them away from their role as unbiased, trusted advisor, but we felt there could be a good balance point between the work and the reward.

Reach is excited to introduce to the dental market Reach Reverse, a reverse auction site that elevates competition for a purchase. The process is easy for the dentist, creates fairness for authorized sellers and rewards technicians. With Reach Reverse, a Reach technician determines if an equipment need exists, recommends what is best for the client, and completes a simple online form to set up the reverse auction. The desired purchase is placed on our reverse auction site, authorized equipment sellers bid on the item, and the winning bidder gets the sale. The winning bidder is charged a fee for the referral/auction service and the technician receives a portion of the fee. At last, a technician is rewarded for their important role in an equipment sale.

Reach Reverse saves dentists money on their purchases, creates fairness by making sales available to authorized sellers, speeds and simplifies the sales process, and rewards technicians for their vital role.

To learn more about becoming a Reach technician and about Reach Reverse, email Greg Biersack at

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