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Being a Trusted Advisor

One of the best parts of my job is the relationships I build with my clients. As their dedicated technician, I really know about their equipment and team, creating a strong feeling of trust that results in them seeing me as an advisor and partner.

Here are the ways this role as trusted advisor plays out:

Technician Darold Slack Trusted Advisor

1. They want my perspective on the condition of their equipment. Every six months, we meet for Recare (our preventive maintenance) Recommendations, discussing what is working well, what needs to be repaired, and equipment that should be replaced. Our Recare plan is built on trust.

2. Whenever a piece of equipment needs to be purchased, I am the first person they come to for guidance. As we do not sell equipment, they know my only goal is to do what is in their best interest. I walk them through product quality, local manufacturer support, and ease of repair. This guidance is based on trust.

3. They want me to play a key role in helping their team effectively use and maintain their equipment. Their reliance on me as a knowledgeable resource is the result of their trust in my competence.

Building trust with my clients is important to me and serving as a trusted advisor brings me joy in the work I do each day.

If you are interested in working with a company where you have a trusted relationship with your dedicated technician, please go to


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