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Don’t Settle For Less

Getting enough gratitude?

Great job! Nicely done! You saved the day! These are phrases of appreciation that may not be heard often enough by individuals who have chosen service as their career. The customer may extend their appreciation for all the work that is done for them, but does the employer offer their gratitude to their technicians? Or is it just expected because they are paying you a “fair” wage and you should be appreciative of the job that you have?

Focus is on our technicians

In our search for dental service technicians we hear time and again that technicians want to feel appreciated, respected, and valued. At Reach, our goal is to support the technician in their efforts to be successful. From the start, we want to make sure that a potential Reach technician understands what we are all about. Our vision is simple – success for our technicians is what we strive for in our organization. Our technicians are valued members of our company. We respect the work and efforts they have put in to becoming the best technician they can be and we appreciate the work they do everyday for our clients.

You owe it to yourself

We are excited to hear from dental service technicians who share their enthusiasm about what we have built at Reach. They are grateful that Reach has taken a very different approach to serving our clients and putting it in their hands to trust them to make the best decisions. A sense of ownership is what we seek in our techs. We continue to look for those exceptional individuals who want to take ownership of their work, their productivity, and their success.

Technicians owe it to themselves to understand the opportunity at Reach. Visit to learn more.


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