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Incredible Success

People are more willing to believe specific stories than bold company statements, especially if you can contact the story’s subject and ask, “Really?”

So here is amazing story, and feel free to contact PJ at

PJ Passey has been a dental repair technician for many years. He is competent, friendly, helpful, and wanted more out of his career. He became part of Reach because he wanted a better opportunity. He knew it would be different than working as a corporate tech, that it would take hard work and learning new things. But he wanted two things important to him:

1. He wanted to deliver better service to his clients. He wanted to consistently be “their guy”. He wanted to be proactive and to make things super easy for them. And he felt that service had become way too expensive – even for the best service.

2. He wanted to control his time and his financial destiny. He no longer wanted to be solely dependent on the performance of a company or the generosity of his manager to determine his income.

Sound familiar to you?

PJ began his Reach journey restricted by a 12-month non-compete but focused on his long-term success. He started connecting with unrestricted offices in his territory (SW MO and SE KS), building relationships, and sharing what made Reach different and better. The message resonated as offices were looking for better and less expensive service. Within 6 months, he was serving about 60 clients and billing 3+ hours a day. His new customers loved his service, and he simply asked them to “share the word” – and they did! Over the last 4 months, he added another 40 clients and has grown his labor billings to about 4 hours a day. Hitting the 100 client mark in 10 months exceeded everyone's expectations.

But PJ has his sights set higher as he expects to add another 25-30 clients when his non-compete ends. This should take his billing to approximately 4.5 labor hours per day, earning him over $10,000 a month (not including the approximate $1500/month he receives to cover vehicle expenses).

PJ proves the Reach model is successful if you are ambitious, hard-working, and willing to learn. He has proven that a more rewarding career can be yours.

Want to learn more about Reach? Check out

Please share this story with other technicians you know. Our goal: let every dental service technician in the US know there is opportunity with Reach.

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Jul 01, 2022

Thanks from Dennis

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