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Nashville's Best Grabs the Reach Opportunity

Reach is excited to welcome Master Technician , Brandon Sharp to our team.

Brandon shares, "I am pumped up because I get to be part of an organization completely dedicated to service, a company focused on what I do, and helping me be more successful doing it. With Reach, I am able to build strong relationships with my clients and provide the service experience I have always wanted to provide. Additionally, this opportunity gives me a chance to control my financial reward. Never again will someone else determine my pay and compensation."

Our CEO and Business Development Coach, Greg Biersack, shares, “Brandon is an amazingly gifted technician with a passion for delivering incredible service to his clients. He sees this as an opportunity to be dedicated to his clients and serve as a partner and equipment advisor. He is another example of how we are adding the best of the best to our team."

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