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Ownership Thinking | A key part of our success

When we created Reach, we determined a key cultural element was having team members who think like owners. We believe people who take ownership in their company are happier, more productive, and better rewarded. We also believe when people take ownership in their company, the company accomplishes more and is more successful.

What are the key components of Ownership Thinking at Reach?

  1. Everyone participates in creating success and everyone benefits from it.

  2. Everyone knows about the business and its financial performance.

  3. Rewards are simple and tied to the company’s results.

  4. We remove entitlement. You earn what your get.

  5. Everyone is an active participant in improving profitability, which offers more resources to share.

  6. Accomplishment + Purpose = Happiness.

  7. We want people with a strong impulse to achieve, those who are resilient and always improving.

If you think like an owner and want to be part of a special company focused on technician success, send me an email at I would love to get to know you.


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