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PJ Passey is Crushing It!

What an incredible first two years for PJ Passey! August 2021 - July 2022 was his first full year with Reach. In that year, he exceeded his goals of getting 100 clients and reaching 4 labor hours a day. His success was the result of a passion for client service, a lot of hard work, creativity in building his territory, and being very coachable.

PJ's second year was better yet, accomplishing the following:

1. He added 40 more clients, primarily through referrals from his delighted clients.

2. He billed more than a 1100 hours of labor, averaging 4.5 labor hours a day.

3. He maintained a perfect 5-star Google Review record.

4. He reached the highest commission level and earned more than $135,000 in income.

5. He and his wife Quinessa went on a great vacation to Spain to visit their daughter.

6. He is happy!

PJ has shown what is possible for a technician. He shared, "Reach has given me the opportunity, coaching, support, and tools to serve my clients, grow my territory and achieve my goals. It was up to me to grab the opportunity and make the most of it. I believed in myself and my support team and amazing things are happening."

Want to congratulate PJ and learn more? Email him at

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