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COVID 19 | Closing Your Office for an Extended Period


As your service partner, we offer a simple checklist as you prepare your office for closure. We are here to help you. If at any time you need assistance any of these items, email us at

Waterlines including any equipment that uses water

  • Empty delivery unit water bottle. Reattach water bottle and pressurize by turning unit on. Purge waterlines by activating A/W syringe, HP tubing, quick connects and/or scalers until all water is dispensed. 

  • For straws:  Follow above procedure. Leave straw on pick-up tube with bottle reattached.

Suction lines

  • Flush and use enzyme cleaner

Nitrous and O2

  • Turn off tanks

Sterilization area

  • M-11 and similar equipment:  drain reservoir and leave empty

  • Ultrasonic: drain and leave to air dry

  • Statim:  OK to leave as-is

Milling units (e.g., CEREC)

  • Drain and clean tank.  Allow to air dry.

Lab – Plaster Trap

  • Drop in 2 T liquid bleach through sink drain.

Mechanical Room

  • Follow normal daily shut-down process

X-ray Processor

  • Drain any chemicals or dip tank.  Allow to air dry.

Computer system

Before wrapping up all office tasks, do the following:

  • Run any end of day routines.

  • Start any month-end routines now including end-of-month reports.

  • Ensure your back-up system is up to date.

  • Check the expiration date on your anti-virus subscription.  Make sure it extends beyond the time your practice is in dormant mode.

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