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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we get the consistency of the same technician?

Yes! We set up our service so you get the COMFORT of having the same technician you know and trust -- a technician who knows your equipment inside and out.


Are Reach technicians experienced and trained?

Indeed!  Reach attracts the finest technicians with industry expertise because we are entirely focused on the service they provide.  They average more than 15 years of experience and have been trained by all of the major manufacturers.


Does Reach require a service contract?

No. Each service call is scheduled with you based on your needs, whether responding to requested repairs or planned maintenance. It is like the service you provide to your patients. 


Does Reach offer preventive service like the recare service we offer our patients?

Yes!  Reach Recare is a proactive service to give you PEACE OF MIND that your equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, reducing emergencies and extending equipment life.


Can you help our team with daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance?

Absolutely! Our technicians are happy to conduct training and help your team feel CONFIDENT.  Additionally, Reach Tips provide instantly available video help.


How fast can you give us help?

Very fast!  Our technicians work in small geographic territories, allowing them to get to you quickly.  If you have an urgent need, they normally respond within 2 hours.


How easy is it to request service?

Super EASY! Our web-app, Reach Connect, simply asks for the item, problem, and urgency then immediately sends your request to your technician. It is like Uber with your own driver.


Can Reach save me money on service?

Certainly! Our rates are 30-50% below Patterson, Schein, Benco, and Burkhart.  We were built from the ground up to be very efficient, keeping our costs low, allowing us to SAVE YOU MONEY.

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