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The Reach Team

Darold Slack Reach Technician Portland OR

Darold Slack - Technician, Ambassador & Advisor - Portland OR

"I joined Reach because I believe in its vision to help service techs reach their potential and take ownership of their destiny."

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Stanley Lumapas Reach Technician Portland OR

Stanley Lumapas - Technician - Portland OR

"At Reach I get to do what I love. I serve my clients with integrity and provide real value. I am there for them to help them and relieve their stress. My family gets to experience my happiness and see how I am able to serve my clients."

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PJ Passey Reach Technician Missouri and Kansas

PJ Passey - Technician - SW MO/ SE KS 

"Reach has given me the opportunity for more control, reward, recognition, and success.  This is exactly what I was looking for."

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Brandon Sharp Reach Technician Nashville TN

Brandon Sharp - Technician - Nashville TN

"I wanted to be part of an organization completely dedicated to service, a company focused on what I do and helping me be more successful doing it. With Reach, I am able to build strong relationships with my clients and provide the service experience I have always wanted to provide."

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Blake Provin Reach Technician Tulsa OK

Blake Provin - Technician - Tulsa OK

"I focus on delivering the highest level of service to my clients. My goal is to eliminate stress with every piece of equipment in their office."

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Brandon Thomas Technician Nashville TN

Brandon Thomas - Technician - Nashville TN

"I always strive to provide my clients with the highest quality of service possible. As a member of Reach, I am able to commit the time and attention to clients that they need and deserve.”

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dean new 1.jpg

Dean Smith - Technician - Nashville TN

"At Reach, I focus on developing relationships with my clients built on trust and exceptional workmanship. My service is backed by my experience and personal care.”

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Anne Baer Reach Director of Technician Success

Anne Baer - Director of Operations

"My focus is supporting technician success and offering our customers exceptional service. I am delighted to help craft a company where these goals are central to everything that we do."

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DJ Biersack Reach Marketing Manager

DJ Biersack - Director of Marketing 

"I love the opportunity to build a special company that is centered around the technicians who do such an amazing job taking care of our clients. I also love how passionate everyone on the Reach team is about helping technicians succeed and delivering better and more innovative service."

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Tina Biersack Reach Technician Liaison

Tina Biersack - Director of Technician Recruiting 

"I am inspired every day by the opportunities we are providing to technicians.  So much thought and care is behind our company and my hope is that our technicians and clients will see this as we partner with them towards reaching their goals."

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Greg Biersack Reach CEO

Greg Biersack - CEO and Business Growth Coach

"I started Reach because I wanted to have a company that focused on the success of service technicians. I wanted to help them reach their potential, reach their goals and reach their dreams. My passion is coaching people to achieve success."

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