Frequently Asked Questions


1.      Is Reach credible?

Established in 2017, we have become the fastest growing service company in our markets.  We know the industry, the dental office and are well connected.  Our CEO served as the VP of Operations at Burkhart for 13 years, developing a deep understanding of technical service, creating a positive company employee culture, and shaping a focus on an exceptional client experience.

2.      How does the pay system work?

A technician receives Base pay + commission for the services and repairs they perform. Commission percentage increases as technicians reach higher levels of performance.  Pay is provided two times each month. This compensation program allows a technician to make a smooth transition from hourly wages to the reward associated directly with their work and production. To learn more, click the Connect with us button below. 


3.       How does the vehicle situation work?

A technician chooses and owns their vehicle. They pick what they want to drive and use their vehicle whenever they want.  To pay for the vehicle and associated costs, they receive a tactical allowance during the first 12 months and the majority of the trip charge that is charged to clients at month 13+.  


4.       What are benefits like at Reach?

We are partnered with Oasis Paychex, a Professional Employers Organization with 325,000+ employees.  This gives us tremendous buying power and a very strong benefits package for medical, vision, and dental. Taking care of our technicians and their families is an important part of our success.


5.       How do I get parts?

We have established a relationship with more than 70 parts distributors and manufacturers.  Currently, approximately 95% of parts needed are available through existing relationships.  If we need to order a part outside of this, we order it for our clients from an authorized dealer, as suggested by the manufacturer. We are engaged in discussions with all the primary manufacturers for additional parts access.  As our company and our value to the manufacturers grows, so does our access.


6.       How do I build a successful territory?

We have a unique and superior service offering that has proven to be very attractive to dental offices.  It is based on a dedicated technician, proactive service, technology for easy requests and more affordable rates. To add clients, our technicians connect first with their good clients and then with potential clients using client referrals and simple and effective tools to build relationships and promote the Reach brand.