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Reach Technician Job Description 


Job Overview 

Reach exists to help our technicians succeed. Our techs possess strong repair capabilities, deliver a great client experience, and maximize their productivity through focused client acquisition and retention. Reach only hires techs who believe that they can be very successful by thinking like owners and are actively involved in the success of the company. 

Responsibilities and Duties 


  • Eliminate client stress related to equipment by providing exceptional client experiences through equipment repair, proactive maintenance, and advisement. 

  • Take ownership by managing service order scheduling, completion, and billing to meet established service level agreements. 


  • Manage accuracy and condition of parts and rental equipment inventory. 


  • Maintain vehicle, tools, uniforms, and phone to ensure service reliability and promote company brand. 


  • Support teammates in adjoining territories by serving as a backup technician during primary technician absence or demand overload. Also serve as a source of information in equipment troubleshooting or problem solving. 


  • Build relationships with potential clients in designated territory through direct contact, use of promotional materials, use of social media, and engagement in the dental community. 


  • Supports clients in establishing a Reach account and in making invoice payments through Stripe. 


  • Continually grow client base and revenue in designated territory. 


  • Systematically develop technical skills by meeting with manufacturer representatives and by completing manufacturer on-line learning modules. 


  • Provide quick and professional guidance and feedback to company support team in developing processes and systems. 


  • Actively participate in individual check-in, team growth, Tech Connect, and quarterly Reach Rally meetings

  • Comply with local, state, and federal laws plus company policies and guidelines. 

Qualifications:  The Ideal Candidate 

  • 3+ years of experience in servicing all variety of dental equipment including dental technology and handpiece repair.


  • Successfully completed training at multiple key manufacturers.


  • Has acquired a regular, loyal group of clients that are routinely serviced (2 or more times per year).  Ideal candidate has 60+ clients.


  • Takes ownership for success of assigned territory 

  • High expectation of self; able to function independently and at high level 

  • Accountable to clients in delivering exceptional service 

  • Understands company profit, key measurements and goals and works to achieve them every day


  • Provides outstanding communication – before, during and after the call 

  • Highly competent at completing repairs


  • Goes beyond the problem noted, extending call to address other equipment needs 

  • Provides extra value to clients – advice, insights, information, training 

  • Focused on growing assigned territories to reach potential 

  • Comfortable visiting potential clients’ offices to promote company 

  • Willing to ask existing customers for referrals


  • Seeks additional business by asking for handpiece repairs


  • Willing to promote Reach Recare preventive maintenance 



  • Ownership thinking – takes ownership for success of territory and makes strong effort to understand company and elements of its’ success. 

  • Skilled at customer service – passionate about helping solve clients’ problems and effective in communicating work performed; offers advice that helps dental office perform more effectively. 

  • Flexible – able to learn, pivot and grow, recognizing that as part a newer company many things will change as processes are constantly challenged and improved.  

  • Team player - fully supports other technicians and Support Team in helping serve clients and grow the success of the company. 

  • Enthusiastic – carries strong belief in purpose of the company and actively promotes the company to clients, potential clients and other service technicians. 

  • Driven – to become more successful and reach potential and goals. 

  • Committed to learning – always pursuing new skills with a recognition that competency is a critical component of the company brand and everyone’s success.


  • Accountable - comfortable with be held accountable and holding their teammates accountable. Accountability is seen as a way of helping elevate success. 

  • Trustworthy – verbal commitments and outward actions are consistent with company policies and ethics. 


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