What You Need to Know:

Amalgam Separators and Vac Lines


Where do I start?  Decision Tree for EPA Amalgam Separation Rule handout


  • By October 12, 2020, all dental offices must submit one-time Compliance Report to comply with EPA Clean Water Act

  • Annual reporting requirements differ by State and municipality




  • In municipalities where dental office served by municipal pre-treatment program, submit Compliance Report to that municipal office.

  • Carefully note due dates for annual certification form.  EX:  Vancouver WA requires annual submission by Feb 28.



  • Physical signature required on Compliance Form. Keep copy for your records.

  • Keep records for 3 years: amalgam inspections, replacement and recycling of amalgam separation cartridges plus solid amalgam (waste buckets)

  • Solmetex offers free records for cartridges and buckets sent to them. 


Vacuum Lines

  • By law, any vacuum lines attached to an amalgam separator must be maintained with cleaners between 6 - 8 pH. 

  • Bleach and other chemical cleaners break down amalgam and contaminate water.


Reach recommends BioPure™, an all-natural cleaner

  • Breaks down and digests organic matter

  • Helps reduce waste in amalgam cartridges, extending their lifespan and saving money


Optimizing Vacuum Line Performance

Step 1: BioPure Restore

  • Start daily treatment of the 2 operatories closest to vac pump for 10 days. 

  • Then add 2 more operatories and repeat process until all operatories treated.


Step 2:  BioPure Maintain

  • Twice weekly treatment for all operatories.

  • Cost-effective when compared to other products requiring daily use.