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Why technicians want to join the Reach team 


Our purpose is to help our technicians reach their potential, their goals and their dreams. They are the center of our company. Unlike companies that sell supplies and equipment with a focus on salespeople, we completely focus on our technicians, helping them serve their clients, and their success. 

Our technicians are full-time W-2 employees with medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and other benefits.  We are partnered with TriNet, giving us the benefit power of 325,000+ employees.  Reach is NOT a franchise company and does NOT have technicians that serve as independent contractors. 

Our technicians are supported by caring and serving professionals who take care of HR, legal, accounting, marketing, technology, parts ordering, client invoicing, and credit card processing, so they can focus on delivering great service and building client relationships.  


We assign our technicians to dedicated territories in small geographic areas. This direction supports a close connection with our clients, elevates client service, reduces travel time, and increases technician success.


We provide transition pay to our technicians as they move toward the standard Reach compensation program, where they are directly paid for their work and production. The more successful they are in serving their clients the higher their reward.  To learn more about how we compensate our technicians, contact Tina Biersack at 253-221-5531 or  


We are focused on creating a family-oriented company where people are strongly connected and where technicians are able to achieve harmony between their work life and personal life.  


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