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Our purpose: eliminate stress associated with dental equipment.

Everything we do points toward this purpose.  

How We Eliminate Stress


You get the consistency of the same capable technician, someone you trust and consider part of your team -- eliminating the worry about who will work on your equipment. 


Our technicians and Reach Tips videos provide maintenance education to your team -- removing worries associated with daily equipment care. 


Reach Recare provides proactive and preventive equipment service -- reducing equipment emergencies and the stress of lost production and patient inconvenience.


Reach Connect makes requesting service incredibly easy. The web app connects you directly to your technician, allowing them to respond quickly 

-- eliminating the stress of getting technical help.


We don't sell equipment so our technicians serve as trusted advisors for equipment purchases -- eliminating stress of what to buy and who to purchase it from.


Our innovation and efficiency keeps our costs down and your rates lower -- removing concerns related to expensive service. 

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