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DJ Biersack's Co-travel with Darold Slack

A week ago I was wrapping up my day of co-travel with Darold Slack. I have had the privilege of growing up knowing Darold and the incredible character he posseses. The genuine, comedic, and caring qualities just flow out of him.

I always knew he did phenomenal work as a technician, but did not have a full understanding of what that work consisted of until a week ago when I got to see him in action.

I saw the side of Darold Slack that everyone he works with sees; the talented technician that will fix your problems with ease. More importantly, I got to see that the other “side” of Darold, the one that I had known my whole life, was one in the same with who he was while he was working.

There are no separate “sides” to Darold Slack. He will be there in a hurry to offer you help or advice with something in your office, and is just as prepared to offer you help or advice with something in your life.

Darold does not separate work from fun, rather he makes work fun. The people that he serves become an extension of his family. I can imagine that all of the dental offices that know Darold feel like he has truly welcomed them into his family. Some of my favorite quotes of the day were “Yeah we love him so much that’s why we’ll call him whenever he goes,” and “Wow, thanks so much Darold! Hope the kids, especially the little guy are doing great!” Everyone wanted to know how his newborn baby boy was doing and see pictures of him. This feeling is something we want to emphasize at Reach. We hope to make you feel like you are part of our family.

In closing, this experience helped to strengthen the belief I have in our mission as a company, and our why. We do not want to reward our techs solely because of their quality service, we want to help them reach their potential, their goals, and their dreams.

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