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Little TIPS make a BIG difference

Life's Challenges

Life is full of tiny challenges, nuisances, and inconveniences we often just live with: untangling a headset cord, hunting for keys, or racking your brain for a password. For most of these nuisances, there exists a tip, trick or solution to apply that makes life easier.

Dental Office Irritations

For a dental office, the same is true in abundance. HVE levers that stick, sterilizers that don't finish cycles, stool foot-rings that are too low, headrests that don't support the patient are just a few irritations. The great thing for dental offices? Solutions exist for exasperating problems. You don't have to live with them and, when they melt away, it makes a big difference.

Reach Tips will help

Reach is dedicated to making things easier for our clients and Reach Tips videos provide solutions to everyday challenges. Each month we deliver a new Tip to help solve another little problem. Watch Reach Tips here or on our YouTube channel.

We hope Reach Tips will make a big difference!

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