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401(k) – A Key Part of Technician Success

Reach Readies Techs for Retirement

Becoming part of the Reach Service team is about more than just being highly rewarded financially. It is about getting the support and education to use this money to secure your future and give you more confidence that you are ready for retirement.

A CEO's Passion for 401(k)

For more than 20 years Greg Biersack, Reach CEO, has helped technicians prepare for retirement. He shares, "Not preparing for retirement can be incredibly stressful. I see an opportunity to reduce or eliminate this stress and help our technicians reach their retirement goals and dreams. Along with providing quality educational information, setting up programs to make investing easy are key ingredients in success."

A Technician's Preparation and Success

Darold Slack, Reach Technician and Ambassador, says, "In 1998, Greg convinced me to start my 401(k). It gives me a feeling of security in the many decisions I have made in my life since then. Knowing I have a 401(k) there for me and my family when I need it offers me comfort and makes my life calmer."

Technician Confidence

Biersack adds, "It is our goal to help every Reach technician feel comfortable, confident and prepared for the retirement chapter of their life. Doing so is extremely rewarding."

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