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Are You Part of Shaping the Future? (Or Stuck in the Past?)

Your Life and Legacy

When you reflect on your life and legacy, do you want to look back and feel like you maintained the status quo, held onto tradition, accepted the way things have always been done, or do you see yourself as an innovator, a rule-maker and a shaper of the future?

Tradition or Innovation

The dental industry is experiencing significant changes, and great service technicians have an incredible opportunity to help shape the future. Top-notch technicians can make a key decision about which of the two worlds they want to live in: a world of tradition and the past, or a world of innovation and the future.

The Past - Traditional

  • Dental offices are served by a group of technicians, based on who is available and what installations are happening. Knowledge of the office is limited and communication with other technicians is challenging.

  • Service is done in a highly reactive manner, scrambling during emergencies, compromising office production when equipment fails.

  • An old, phone dispatch model is used where the customer calls an 800 number, hits prompts, talks to a far-away person and waits to see by whom and when they will be taken care of. Think: old taxi company model.

  • The technician is an hourly employee, dependent on their boss’s decision at an annual review for pay and recognition.

The Future - Innovative

  • Dental offices have one technician dedicated to serving their office. They trust their technician who knows their equipment inside and out.

  • Technicians are primarily involved in proactive maintenance and equipment recare, preventing emergencies and prolonging equipment life.

  • The client taps on an app, and the request goes directly to their technician’s phone. The tech responds with a scheduled time. Think: Lyft™.

  • The technician takes ownership in determining their success. Their reward is directly tied to their production, performance and contribution.

Technician Choice

The technical service industry will undergo significant change and move to a new model: a more innovative model; a more efficient model; a model with a higher level of service; a model where the truly great technicians take more ownership and are more highly rewarded.

Will you be part of the new model and be rewarded for shaping the future? Will this be your legacy?

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