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Excited to Be Part of the Reach Team

It has been a really rewarding experience to join the Reach team. The thing that has stood out to me most is the genuine excitement that everyone has in helping me succeed. It is also very refreshing to work with people who have great ideas and who are ready to accept input from everyone on the team.

Although my time with Reach has been a bit whirlwind with new ideas, processes and systems, I have never felt panicked because I think to myself, "These are really smart folks and they have my back." It has also been a comfort to feel like part of a family. During my training, we were welcomed into Greg and Tina's house and it made it feel more like visiting relatives than a business training trip (Tina's super home-cooked meals didn't hurt either).

I look forward to getting out and meeting new people in my territory and I am excited about what we are going to bring to the industry and our clients - great service that is free from the demands of competing interests.

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