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Building Confidence Eliminates Stress

Everyone wants to feel confident doing their job as it brings a sense of peace and comfort. When a person doesn't have confidence it creates stress, particularly when their team is depending on them. For dental offices, the stress of properly maintaining equipment usually falls on the shoulders of the dental assistant. There are dozens of pieces of equipment to maintain and oftentimes little training or few resources to do so effectively. This means STRESS!

But this stress does not need to exist. What if the dental office has a partner who sees it as their responsibility to deliver quality training, serve as a dedicated coach, give instant access to resources, and provide regular preventive maintenance for back-up help? Wouldn’t this help to provide confidence? Wouldn’t this eliminate stress? These services should be the standard of care. Here is how they can be provided:

Quality Training

Great technicians can serve as a regular resource to the office, answering questions and demonstrating proper equipment care during a service call or over a “lunch and learn”. They see it as their responsibility to help their clients build confidence in doing daily/weekly/monthly maintenance.

A Dedicated Coach

When an office has the consistency of the same trusted technician, they see them as a maintenance mentor or coach. With a quick text or call for a question, they have a “go-to” resource who builds confidence and reduces stress.

Instant Resources

A good partner makes resources easily available, giving an office confidence they can quickly answer a question or solve a problem. A maintenance video library accessed through a QR code scan could not be any easier. If they can't remember exactly how to do something, they don’t have to worry. They just use the resources provided.

Being the Back Up

Even though training, coaching, and available resources can build confidence and reduce stress, an office still wants a partner that is their back-up. They need someone to come in every six months to make sure everything is running smoothly. Preventive maintenance is that confidence-building, stress-eliminating back-up.

Maintaining equipment should not be stressful. By training, coaching, providing resources, and serving as a back-up, a technician can help build confidence and provide a sense of peace and comfort.

To learn how Reach serves as a stress-eliminating and confidence-building partner for our clients, visit us at


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