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Celebrating Service, Growth and Profit in 2020

In a year where COVID could have spelled doom for a company, Reach celebrates the value of its service model.

Meeting the Challenge

When dental offices closed for two to three months in 2020 because of COVID, Reach’s revenue dropped to 10% of normal. Despite this potentially devastating challenge, the Reach team did not mope nor complain. Instead, they challenged themselves with critically important questions: How can we use this time to elevate our knowledge of areas that will be important to clients? How can we bring more value to clients and deliver services never performed before? How can we sharpen our message of eliminating stress for dental teams? The results were increased knowledge of vacuum systems and aerosols, helping clients (and dentists around the country) effectively shut down their equipment, performing equipment restarts when offices opened, and a series of client emails dedicated to information and resources for business survival. Reach technician Darold Slack shared, “We felt we could be our clients most valuable partner. That was our goal and that is what we did.”

Exceptional Service Results in Growth

But Reach went way beyond merely surviving in 2020. They showed that by being creative and providing an obsessive level of customer care you can flourish. Greg Biersack, Reach CEO, said, “By constantly delivering value and exceptional service we grew quickly through the referrals of happy clients. Dental offices are hungry for better and more affordable service. They want a trusted technician who is dedicated to service and are more open than ever to break free from old routines. They are listening to our clients who share the Reach story.” In the year, Reach achieved a 46% increase in clients, reaching approximately a 20% market share for service in the Portland metro area. “We expect our growth to continue as clients share our brand message. Everyone wants to help a friend, and this is how they are doing it”, added Slack.

Innovation Proves Profitability

For Reach, in addition to experiencing rapid growth with the innovative service model, 2020 also proved that their dedicated service company could be profitable. Anne Baer, Director of Operations, shared, “Our technicians deliver incredible service to our clients, but they are also very efficient and productive. On average, they each take care of four to five clients per day allowing them and the company to be successful. We knew our model would work for the client, the technician, and the company but we did not know it would happen this quickly.”

More Growth Ahead

2021 is projected to be another year of fast growth for Reach. Biersack shared, “Our team is excited about 2021 and expect a lot of growth from our brand’s momentum. We will add to our team in Portland so we can serve more clients and provide more technicians with professional opportunity. Additionally, we will push our innovation and build systems to grow into new markets, help more offices, and give more technicians a chance to reach their professional goals.”

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Jan 16, 2021

Interesting and good news to read.

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