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Celebrating Technician Success

Everyone was sporting their rally caps as the Reach team celebrated another Reach Rally and the accomplishments of the recently completed quarter.

Accomplishments celebrated included:

1. PJ Passy surpassed 100 hours of labor in a single month. This is an awesome accomplishment! He received 50 Hero and the massive cheers of his team. Way to go PJ!

2. We added more than 30 new clients in the quarter with PJ leading the way with 17.

3. We celebrated the addition of Brandon Sharp to our team. It is awesome to have one of Nashville's best join the Reach family. He isn't wasting time as he added 12 new clients in his first month.

4. Revenue continues to grow and we celebrated a 54% increase YOY (year over year).

5. During the quarter we earned a strong profit. Half way through the 6-month profit sharing period, we are 57% of the bonus level.

6. Labor Hours per Day (LHD) continue to grow during the quarter going from 3.2 LHD/tech to 4.0/tech. It is awesome to see the continued success of our technicians.

7. We reviewed the marketing and brand promotion that was done by the team. This included growth in blog posts, web visits, LI connections, Q&A videos, and more. Great teamwork!

7. Finally, everyone shared something of which they are really proud. It was terrific to hear stories of exceptional client service, building confidence, the joy of our teamwork, and service to each other.

It is a blast to celebrate technician and team accomplishments and experience the joy of teammates who love what they are doing.

If you would like to explore being part of a company that regularly celebrates and rewards technicians, connect with us here.

To learn more about Reach, visit


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