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Connecting Equipment Needs to Technicians

IoT has a bright future

The IoT (internet of things) has a bright future in the dental industry. It will allow sensors on equipment to share data regarding problems, potential problems, or the need for maintenance. But getting the data as quickly as possible from a piece of equipment to the right person to address the issue is the key. The person should know the equipment, the specific dental office, and what the data means.

Who should receive the data

Our purpose is to eliminate stress for our clients related to equipment, so we recommend the data is sent directly to the office’s dedicated technician. This person has detailed understanding of the office’s equipment and capacity to respond quickly. In this scenario, a text with a link to identify the need is sent directly to the designated technician. Before the office knows a problem or need exists, their technician responds, “I just received a message that your compressor temperature has moved into a yellow zone. I am on my way.” Or “I was notified your compressor is due for an annual maintenance check. I will include this in our scheduled Recare (preventive maintenance) next week.”

Who should not receive the data

We are concerned that sending the data to a place disconnected from the office or without technical knowledge will delay a response to the need and add unnecessary steps.

· Sending the data directly to a busy office, who may not possess technical skill, may result in more stress. The need may be lost in the shuffle, or it will trigger an additional task to make a service request.

· Sending the data to the manufacturer technical team will result in a knowledgeable person seeing the issue but now triggers the need to find a local technician who can address the need.

· Sending the data to a non-technical regional or third-party dispatcher creates a challenge as they must try to interpret the problem and then determine which technician to dispatch.

We can have a great future

The ability to tie dental equipment to the internet can provide data from sensors in ways that make repair and maintenance much better. It can provide valuable information to knowledgeable technicians and allow them to respond quickly. But getting data directly to the right person will be the key in making IoT truly magical. We encourage manufacturers to design their IoT ecosystem so an office’s dedicated technician is directly contacted, making the response smart, timely, efficient, and less stressful.

Reach is the leader in dental equipment service. Repair and maintenance service is our single focus. We are innovative, forward thinking, and only hire the best technicians.

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