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Freedom to Choose: Our Thoughts about Equipment, Service, and Freedom

Dr Wiley believes in the freedom to choose his dental equipment service provider

Dental office owners make huge investments in their equipment, and we believe they should have the freedom to choose the best technical service available, someone who is skilled, experienced, trained, and trusted; the freedom to choose the consistency of a dedicated technician who is fast to respond, preventive, and focused on extending equipment life; the freedom to choose affordable labor rates without the burden of purchasing parts from a limited number of third-party dealers. Their decision to buy equipment should come with the right to select the service provider of their choice.

Unfortunately, a belief in a buyer’s freedom to choose their service provider -- without inconvenience -- is not yet common in the dental industry. Too many equipment buyers must tolerate service from inexperienced and untrained technicians who struggle to effectively communicate with each other. They must wait weeks for service from technicians covering broad geographic territories, only to see them race out the door without time for staff training needs. Finally, they are forced to pay outrageous labor rates of $250+ per hour and unsubstantiated trip charges of $75 or more. Shouldn’t these buyers, who have the freedom to purchase products of their choice, also have the freedom to choose the best available service? Shouldn’t they be our attention’s focus, helping them be efficient and reduce their stress?

For the manufacturers who give their clients the freedom to choose their service provider, I salute your clear focus on the client and passion for their success. For those in the process of examining trends and changes in the industry, please explore how service is shifting and challenge yourself to make sure your clients are truly given the freedom to choose.

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