Imagine a Life More Complete

Clients Know and Trust You

You know your clients and they know you. They trust you and have confidence in your skills, abilities and recommendations. You know about all their equipment – what is working well and what is struggling to function consistently. You have been proactive with equipment maintenance and given them the confidence in up-time and longevity. When you receive a request for service, you have a pretty good feel for the problem and it allows you to solve the problem quickly (maybe even over the phone).

Client Confidence Leads to Growth

Your clients have so much confidence and trust in you that they can’t stop telling their dentist-friends. These contacts lead to more new clients every month, and your exceptional service quickly makes them raving fans. You feel really good about your client relationships. You feel really good about the service you are able to deliver. And you feel really good about the reputation you have built.

Feeling Productive and Rewarded

Your day is nearly full of service calls and you are excited about your reward and getting closer to your goals. You feel very productive because of a tight geographic territory and your efficient route planning. You are proud of your performance and what it means to your company, your family, and you.

Work-Life Harmony

You are achieving Work-Life harmony because your work brings you joy and because the job gives you freedom and flexibility to enjoy the other important pieces in life. You go to the school play, coach the basketball team, have an occasional lunch date with your spouse, all possible because you control your schedule. And you are happy to grab the 6:00 PM emergency call and Saturday 7:00 AM preventive maintenance appointment because it means taking care of your clients and being directly rewarded.

Reaching Your Potential, Goals and Dreams

When the time comes to hang up your tool bag, your clients celebrate your incredible help, your teammates celebrate your many contributions, your family beams with great pride. You know deep inside that you achieved the success you dreamt of, doing what you loved. You reached your potential, you reached your goals, and you reached your dreams.

Welcome to Reach!

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