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My friend PJ - What a great guy!


I want to tell you the story about my teammate, friend, and Reach brother, PJ Passey.

PJ is a hilarious guy who always busts out the perfect GIF on our nearly daily team text chats. He cares about his teammates and is always willing to share knowledge. His clients love him because of his dedication to solving their problems and eliminating their stress. After spending 15 years as a "corporate tech" (his words), PJ chose to join our team. I remember talking to him during the hiring process and being impressed with his desire to control his time, schedule, income, and the client experience. I could tell he was driven to succeed and would seize the Reach opportunity. It has now been 18 months since he started with us and his success blows my mind. Despite having a non-compete and working in a pretty rural area (SW MO, SE KS), PJ has grown to serve more than 110 clients, is billing more than 4.5 hours of labor a day, and is earning more than $11k a month. Besides being successful, I can tell he is very happy. It really came out of him when he emotionally shared about a recent trip to Spain with his wife Quinessa to visit their daughter. He said that it was all possible because of the support and encouragement of his team. I love working with PJ. He makes my job as fellow technician and company leader joyful and rewarding. It is my hope that his story motivates you to learn about working with us and that someday soon, I will be telling the story of your happiness and success. Take care, Darold

If you want to learn more about opportunities at Reach, check out our website or send me a text at 360-601-5679.

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Always great to celebrate any of our team members -- each unique and each superbly qualified to be part of a stellar team of service technicians.

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