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One of Houston's Best Chooses the Reach Opportunity

Reach is excited to welcome Master Technician, David Baker to our team.

David shares, "I am excited to join Reach because I get to build strong, trusted relationships with my clients. I get to be THEIR GUY who knows their equipment and wows them with my service. This connection will leave me feeling great about what I am doing. I also love the proactive service Reach encourages me to perform for my clients. No more just waiting for emergencies and dealing with the crises that come. Finally, I am excited about building a company that helps technicians be happier and better rewarded. There are a lot of great techs out there who should grab this opportunity."

About David, CEO and Business Development Coach, Greg Biersack, said, “He is an incredible technician with a tremendous background in the Navy and the dental industry. Through our many conversations, I have been impressed with his passion for giving top- notch service to his clients and his drive to build a successful territory. I am confident he will grab this opportunity to succeed and fulfill our purpose of eliminating stress for our clients. He is another example of how we are adding the best of the best to our team."

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Ready to take on Houston! Welcome to Reach, David.

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