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Our Technicians are Amazing! Celebrating their Success

For the 23rd time, we sported rally hats to celebrate service technician and company success at our quarterly Reach Rally. The achievements were numerous, so we had lots of smile time.

Accomplishments celebrated included:

1. David Baker passed the 50 client mark in Q4, averaging more than 6 new clients every month since joining Reach. This is terrific, David!

2. Darold Slack provided 122 hours of labor to his clients in the month of October, blowing past the 100 hour target and reaching 5.5 labor hours per day. Amazing work, Darold!

3. Brandon Thomas reached the milestone of 10 Recare preventive maintenance clients. Providing this super high level of service to his clients is a hallmark of his customer service focus. Congrats, BT!

4. PJ Passey continues to grow and thrive, surpassing 40 and then 50 Recare clients in Q4. His attention to detail for his clients' equipment makes him indispensable. Way to go, PJ!

5. The team added 63 new clients in Q4. David Baker led the way with 20 new clients.

6. Revenue continues to rapidly grow as we celebrated a 47% increase in 2023 over 2022. This marks the third year in a row with growth over 40%.

7. Reach added many new service dealer partnerships including Air Techniques, Enbio, and Darby.

8. Our amazing technicians/educators provided equipment maintenance training for more than 200 dental assisting students at schools in OR, MO, and TN in 2023.

9. We celebrated Reach Tips videos surpassing 55,000 views. Our dreams of the impact of this valuable resource are being realized.

Reach Rally wrapped up pre-celebrating 2024 targets and goals. It should be another big year for our technicians and company.

It is always fun celebrating technician and team accomplishments and experiencing the joy of teammates who love what they are doing.

If you would like to explore being part of a company that regularly celebrates and rewards technicians, connect with us here.

To learn more about Reach, visit


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