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PJ Passey Earns All-Star Status in 1st Full Season

What an incredible first full year! 2022 was PJ Passey's first full year with Reach, and he exceeded his goals by every measure. His success is the result of a passion for client service, a lot of hard work, creativity in building his territory, and being very coachable.

PJ accomplished the following during 2022:

1. added more than 5 new clients per month, primarily through referrals from his delighted clients

2. billed more than a 1000 hours of labor for more than $155,000 in labor billings

3. maintained a perfect 5-star Google Review record

4. reached the highest commission level and earned more than $125,000 in income

5. received recognition for:

a. client levels - 75, 100, and 125

b. Recare client levels - 20 and 30

c. completing more than 100 labor hours in a single month

PJ has shown what is quickly possible for a technician. He shared, "Reach has given me the opportunity, coaching, support, and tools to serve my clients, grow my territory and achieve my goals. It was up to me to grab the opportunity and make the most of it. I believed in myself and my support team and now amazing things are happening."

In 2023, PJ has the goals of adding 30 more clients, reaching an average of 5 labor hours billed/day, keeping his clients delighted, and earning more than $140,000 in income. Early results are showing he will reach these goals and have another all-star year.

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