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Q1 Reach Rally - Celebrating Success

Q1 of 2021 was an incredible quarter of technician and company success. Our momentum continues to build as more clients and industry contacts learn about the service we offer.

Greg Biersack

Reach held its quarterly celebration of technician and company accomplishments. Reach Technician/ambassador/Advisor, Darold Slack, shared, "It is exciting to be part of a company that is growing and thriving. We are doing it through exceptional service, building strong relationships, and eliminating stress for our clients. I am incredibly proud of our team."

Highlights of the Rally celebration included:

1. Stanley Lumapas growth to serve 75 clients.

2. Stanley Lumapas growth to reach an average of 3 labor hours per day.

3. Darold Slack growth to serve more 50 Recare clients.

4. 22% revenue growth over Q1 2020.

5. Clients served grew by 9% in the quarter.

5. Equipment preventive maintenance training for American Academy of Dental Office Managers.

6. Developed equipment training video for Portland Community College.

7. Relationships built with 6 new manufacturing/parts partners.

To learn more about Reach and request service go to

To explore becoming a Reach technician go to


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