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Reach Gives Technicians the Opportunity to Control Their Income

One of the things technicians love about Reach is the opportunity to control their time and income. They determine their schedule, creating the balance between taking care of clients, spending time with family and friends, and reaching their financial goals.

Because technicians get to control their income, it is what they make it. The more they produce, the more they get paid -- uncapped. The guys who produce the most are the guys who get paid the most. No other person determines their reward --- they do! Reach technicians are full-benefit, W-2 employees who receive base pay, commission, new client incentive bonuses, 100% of trip charges, IRA contributions, manufacturer spiffs, and profit sharing. Our program helps technicians with ambition and drive successfully reach their financial goals.

In 2022, the technicians who were with Reach for more than a year earned slightly above $115,000 in income. Our top technician earned more than $135,000 and billed about 4.5 hours a day.

We are proud of what our technicians have achieved with the opportunity to control their financial destiny.

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