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Reach is about an Opportunity for Technicians to Build a Special Company

Reach provides an opportunity for technicians to be part of building a special company - a company built around their success and influence. These forward thinking technicians have a chance to grow a service model that will benefit hundreds of technicians in the dental industry, and possibly beyond.

This opportunity is built around three key components:

1. Reach provides a chance for technicians to be part of an organization that is completely built around their repair and maintenance skills. As we do not sell supplies nor equipment, our entire focus is on being the best service company.

2. Reach provides an opportunity to positively impact the happiness of technicians around the country. Happiness that comes from the ability to build close relationships with clients. Happiness that comes from being part of a company that gives them control of their day and trusts them to make good decisions. Happiness that comes from being rewarded, respected, and recognized for their efforts, production and contributions.

3. Reach encourages technicians to drive forward their influence within our industry. They make a difference to their clients by serving as unbiased trusted advisors. They make a difference to equipment manufacturers by serving as go-to resources and by solving difficult problems.

If you want to be part of building a special company with a focus on you, go to and connect with us.

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07 de mai. de 2021

Keep up the good work.

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