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Reach is about Opportunity for Technicians - Building a Special Company

Reach provides the opportunity for technicians to build a special company and have a positive impact on other technicians, dentists, and an entire industry.

1. We provide an opportunity to be part of a company completely built around the service technician - your skills, talents, and the things that help you succeed.

2. We give the opportunity to positively impact technicians around the country – their work experience, the joy in what they do, their chance to collaborate, and their earning potential.

3. We make available the opportunity to provide the type of service you always wanted to deliver to your clients - dedicated, proactive, responsive, and affordable.

4. We provide an opportunity to move forward the role and influence of technicians, serving as trusted advisors to dentists and equipment manufacturers.

To learn more about becoming a Reach technician go to and connect with us.


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