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Reach is about an Opportunity for Technicians to Control their Success

Reach provides the opportunity for technicians to control the client experience, their time and their financial destiny. They have ability to work directly with their clients and build a schedule that elevates service, allows them to be efficient, and makes balancing work and life possible. Technicians also have the chance to build a territory where their productivity determines their financial reward.

There are three important pieces of technician control at Reach.

1. Technicians are given the control and responsibility of providing the highest level of service to their clients. Reach understands that if barriers to outstanding service are removed and technicians are given support, tools and encouragement, they will eliminate client stress and create exceptional experiences.

2. Technicians determine their own schedule, creating the balance between taking care of their clients, helping the company succeed, reaching their financial goals, and spending time with their family and friends. Rather than have a dispatcher try to effectively manage their time, we put control in the hands of our technicians.

3. Technicians are given the ability to control their financial success. The more they produce the more they get paid - uncapped. The technicians who contribute the most are the ones who get paid the most. No manager determines their value or reward – they do!

Reach is excited to provide the opportunity for technicians to reach their potential, their goals and their dreams. They can control the client experience, their time and their financial reward.

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