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Reach Rally - Celebrating 2021 technician success

In January, Reach held its quarterly celebration of technician and company accomplishments, Reach Rally. Reach CEO, Greg Biersack, shared, "2021 was an incredible year with much to celebrate. Our technicians are happy and successful and they played an important role in eliminating stress for our clients. I love proving that all of this is possible."

Highlights of the Reach Rally included:

1. Darold reached 150 clients, Stanley reached 100 clients, PJ reached 50 clients, 4 labor hours per day, and 10 Recare clients.

2. A 43% increase in revenue for 2021 compared to 2020

3. 108 new clients chose to make Reach their service partner in 2021.

4. Reach technicians averaged more than 3.5 labor hours a day in production.

5. Reach conducted equipment maintenance training for 3 organizations and 7 dental assisting schools. This training helped more than 200 assistants have more confidence in performing regular maintenance.

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