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Reach Reboot - Helping Dentists Get Restarted After COVID Shutdown

To support our clients following the COVID-19 crisis we are offering a free service call for rebooting their equipment. We strongly encourage them to do the start-up a few days before they see patients so we can help solve any issues that may pop up.

Reach technician discussing equipment checklist with dentist

During Reach Reboot, your service technician provides the following services:

• review our Reopening Checklist (see below) • show a staff member how to effectively shock one operatory's waterlines • demonstrate how to perform a dental unit waterline test • complete a visual inspection of your mechanical room.

The service call should take 15 - 20 minutes and is free of charge to Reach clients.

Our service technicians’ schedules will fill up quickly once everyone has approval to reopen. Schedule your Reach Reboot by requesting service at

Reopening After Extended Closure

Mechanical Room

· Turn on vacuum pump and compressor. Check operation.

· Ensure compressor builds up to pressure (120-125 psi).

· Before turning on wet ring vacuum pump:

  • Ensure water source is ON.

  • Check gauge for proper operation.

  • Check for any water leaks.


· Turn on unit or system.

· Inspect for any degraded apparatus or leaks.

Sterilization Area

· Autoclave

  • Fill autoclave reservoir with distilled water.

  • Run unwrapped test cycle.

· Ultrasonic

  • Fill and test.

· Hydrim

  • Confirm main water supply ON.

  • Reinstall soap dispenser.

  • Run cycle to test.

Operatories – Two Steps

1. Shock Waterlines Upon Return – per manufacturer’s guidelines

  • Before resuming care using your dental unit, thoroughly shock the DUWL regardless of the maintenance product utilized.

  • If using straws: Never shock through a straw unless using Sterisil Straw with Citrisil™ Shock. Otherwise, remove the straw and utilize a "dummy straw" or uptake tube to shock.

  • If need a free dummy straw, order one from or send email to

2. Test Your Dental Unit Waterlines After Shocking

  • Once DUWL shocked, test dental unit water quality to ensure CDC guidelines are met. Reach recommends the ProEdge™ QuickPass™ test for a simple in-office test. Your Reach technician can train your team on how to both perform the test and evaluate results.

Computer Systems

· Verify backups have been occurring.

· Power on each machine to ensure everything is booting up properly and communicating.

· Verify antivirus/security software is up-to-date.

· Allow any updates to occur (may require extra time and multiple restarts).

Milling machines

· Fill water tanks to proper level with distilled water and lubricant.

· Run mill in pump mode to allow the water system to prime and cycle.

· Ensure proper communication to the acquisition units. Perform calibration if necessary, or if the annual maintenance period has expired. Verify condition of burs.

· Perform a test mill if applicable.

If Reach is not in your service area but you have a question about the Reopening checklist, please feel free to send an email to


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