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Reach welcomes Dean Smith to the Nashville team.

Reach is excited to welcome Master Technician, Dean Smith to our team.

Dean Smith Reach dental service technician

Dean shares, "I became part of the Reach team because I wanted to give the highest level of service to my clients and control my schedule each day. Now, I get to always be THE GUY for my clients, a person they know and trust who knows all about their equipment. I am also really excited about performing preventive maintenance with Reach Recare. I can regularly check everything, so they don't have to worry about their equipment going down. Being part of the Reach team allows me to help build a special company where clients get great service, and technicians are recognized and rewarded. "

About Dean, Reach CEO, Greg Biersack, shares, “He is a perfect fit for Reach, as he has a deep passion for giving top-level service. Through his 27 years in the dental industry, he has built a strong reputation for competency and care. I know he will take this opportunity to develop a successful territory of fantastic relationships, doing everything in his power to eliminate stress for his clients. Dean is another great example of how we are adding the best of the best to our team."

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