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Service Technicians: Reaching your Dreams

When you look at the Reach logo you notice three lines incorporated into the “R”. These lines stand for Potential, Goals, and Dreams. Helping service technicians reach these areas is our purpose and the reason we exist.

The Reach logo that represents a technician reaching their potential, goals, and dreams

We all have dreams for our lives, and wouldn’t it be great if our company and team played a role in helping us live those dreams? Better than that, wouldn’t it be great if the fulfillment of our dreams was an important part of the purpose of our company?  


When a technician joins the Reach team, we ask them about the dreams they have for their lives. Some dreams involve travel, while others dream of life in retirement. Some of these dreams get fulfilled quickly while others may be years in the future. But each is special and unique. It is the possibility of achieving these dreams that inspires and motivates our technicians and our company.   


Recently, one of our technicians took his extended family on a Caribbean cruise while another went to Spain with his wife to visit their daughter. In both situations, our teammates, and their families, experienced the joy of living a dream that seemed too far distant before becoming a Reach technician. Reach technician PJ Passey shared, “I really couldn’t imagine having the financial resources, time off, and team support to live out one of my dreams only two years into my time with Reach. But through the opportunity I have been provided, my dedication and hard work, and the help of my teammates, my wife and I went on an incredible trip. When I came home, I called Greg, our CEO, to share our adventure.  I was pretty emotional feeling like everyone on our team played a role in this dream.  Now I am excited about pursuing my next dream of preparing for a great retirement. I know with Reach I will get there.”             


To learn more about how Reach supports technicians in living out their dreams,  connect with us, and we can explore how you can become part of the Reach team.  



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