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Reach Founding Technician Proves What is Possible

Leaving the Old Model

In April 2018, Darold Slack chose to leave the traditional service world and help build a company based on a fresh model: one where he would connect to his clients and provide the highest level of service, where he could control his day, and where his financial destiny would be in his hands.

Growing in the New Model

Over the past 2+ years, Darold worked incredibly hard and stretched himself to develop new skills to enhance his success. He learned to better manage his time and client relationships. He also learned how to develop new relationships and create business growth. Darold shares, “I felt like I was a very good technician, but I also felt I could grow new and valuable skills. I could better reach my potential and goals with Reach.”

Achieving Great Success

Armed with enhanced skills, he is proving what is possible for a technician in the Reach environment. He has grown his dedicated client base to 130 and consistently takes care of five to six clients a day. In Reach’s compensation program, this level of production allowed him to nearly double his income compared to his previous employment. Slack says, “I love giving my clients exceptional service and going the extra mile for them. I love being able to control my day and respond quickly. And I love that I get directly rewarded for my work and the contribution I make to the company’s success.” Reach CEO, Greg Biersack adds, “We are really excited for Darold and his family. Through his exceptional client service and tremendous effort, he is achieving great success. I really enjoy getting to see him prove what is possible.”

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