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W-2 Not 1099

It started with a strong philosophy Reach was built around the very strong belief that technicians must be at the center of the company. Feeling embraced and cared for were emotions we wanted them to have. And leaders wanted technicians to feel strongly connected to them and the company. We did not want the technicians to feel distant and just part of a machine. These were key foundational values.

Where did this lead? Operating on this philosophy, it was clear Reach technicians needed to be W-2 employees with full medical, dental, and vision benefits. They needed to be supported and coached as members of a team. A 1099 contract relationship does not create the closeness and connectedness that gives people the feeling they are clearly an important part of building a special company.

How has this played out? From our very first day of operations, three plus years ago, every technician has been a valued W-2 employee. As Reach is a part of a PEO (Oasis Paychex) with more than 350,000 members, technicians are offered full and competitively priced benefits. Equally important, they all receive the ongoing training, support, and guidance to reach their potential, their goals, and their dreams. No arms-distanced relationship would create the camaraderie and joy of succeeding together. Finally, as employees with a great sense of ownership in the company's success, everyone shares in the profits created as a team.

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