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Want Big Rewards? For Reach technicians, this is what it takes.

Reach Dental Equipment Service provides the opportunity for great technicians to earn Big Rewards. The rewards come in relationships with your clients, recognition from your company, and financial earnings. But to earn big rewards, it requires doing some very specific things. And it turns out that these things are not unique for big rewards at Reach. They are required for big rewards in life.

You only get Big Rewards if you:

· are willing to take some risk.

No risk, No reward.

· are willing to build new skills and abilities.

You are getting the reward for your current skill set and current situation. Building new skills elevates your value and increases your reward.

· have grit, determination, and persistence.

Reward only comes when you push through challenges with skill and clear purpose.

· are ambitious and have a growth mindset.

If you settle with being comfortable, then you are settling for your current reward.

· take ownership for your success.

No other person should determine your happiness, success, and reward.

We provide the support, resources, coaching, tools and systems. You provide the ambition, drive, willingness to “own-it”, and desire to succeed.

If you want the opportunity to earn Big Rewards, visit us at or send us me a text at 253-569-2550.


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