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We Love Celebrating Technician Success

Every quarter we don the rally caps and celebrate technician and company success at Reach Rally. In January, we recognized accomplishments from Q4 and all of 2022. The achievements were numerous, so we had lots of smile time.

Accomplishments celebrated included:

1. Welcoming two new technicians. In December, Blake Provin of Tulsa joined our team. In January, Brandon Thomas of Nashville came aboard. Two more best-of-the-best technicians.

2. Brandon Sharp surpassing 25 clients. This took him just one quarter. Amazing!

3. PJ Passy surpassing 125 clients and 30 Recare clients. For 2022, he earned more than $125,000 in income. Way to go PJ!

4. Stanley Lumapas reaching 4 billed labor hours per day in October. Congrats Stan!

5. Darold surpassing100 labor hours billed in both October and November. That is a lot of clients take care of! For 2022, he earned more than $135,000 in income. Incredible!

6. The team adding 42 new clients in the quarter with Brandon Sharp leading the way with 26.

7. Revenue continuing to rapidly grow as we celebrated a 51% increase over 2021.

8. Finally, we celebrated the many marketing achievements that included: Service Done Right podcasts, blog posts, email messages, LI posts & connections, Q&A videos, and reaching more than 30,000 views of our Reach Tips videos. Great teamwork!

It is a blast to celebrate technician and team accomplishments and experience the joy of teammates who love what they are doing.

If you would like to explore being part of a company that regularly celebrates and rewards technicians, connect with us here.

To learn more about Reach, visit

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