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What Every Office Manager Should Look for in a Service Provider

Office managers finding an equipment service provider

An Office Manager plays a critical role in finding the right equipment service provider. They can identify a partner who understands the importance of keeping the schedule and production on track, works to keep costs down, and helps the dental team be effective.

Successfully selecting the best service provider involves:

1.      Consistency and Expertise

Finding an expert technician who is always “your guy” is invaluable to an office. Offices are looking for someone they trust who knows their equipment inside and out.   No office wants a parade of inexperienced techs trying to solve problems.

2.      Proactive and Preventive Service

Look for a company that is proactive and provides peace of mind with regular preventive maintenance. They should consistently look after all your equipment, ensuring each piece is working effectively to avoid lost production, eliminate nuisances, and extend equipment life. 

3.      Maintenance Education

Seek a service provider who helps your team be effective in daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. Will they educate your staff and provide resources to help them be confident in their maintenance skills?

4.      Advice on Equipment

Identify a company that focuses on making equipment last, keeping it running and looking good. Find someone not motivated by equipment sales -- someone who serves as an unbiased and trusted advisor.

5.      Speed and Affordability

Find a technician who works in a small geographic territory and can respond to urgent needs within hours, not days. Ensure they work for a company that is innovative, efficient, and affordable. A 20% lower labor rate can save $60 on each call, or about $500 per year.

An Office Manager plays an important role in finding a company that delivers consistent expertise, preventive care, educational help, unbiased advice, speed, and lower rates. Looking for these things helps make a great choice.

Reach Dental Equipment Service is a service-focused company, eliminating stress related to equipment for our clients.  To learn more visit


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