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The 5 Things Dental Offices Want from an Equipment Service Provider

In a recent survey, dental offices shared the importance and value of key equipment service offerings. Below are the results: We have included average score on a scale from 1-5 with 5 being extremely valuable/important

1. Having a single dedicated technician, who is closely connected to their office, is extremely important. Score 4.9

2. Proactive, preventive maintenance for their equipment is extremely important. Score 4.9

3. Working with a provider who uses technology to make the service request process easy is extremely important. Score 4.8

4. Flexibility in the urgency of a service request in exchange for lower labor rates is very valuable. Score 4.6

5. Having your dedicated technician repair your handpieces is very valuable. Score 4.3

These survey results clearly point to client requirements and the future of equipment service. To learn how Reach meets these expectations, visit and connect or chat with us.

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