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Reach | Playing Above the Line

Reach was built to win in the competition to be the preferred dental equipment service provider.

To succeed, we execute at a high level on four key components.

1. Hire people driven to be great.

· They want to be elite and committed to constant improvement.

· They embrace the discomfort that comes with trying new things, failing and learning. They understand that improvement is on the other side of this discomfort.

2. Act with intent, purpose and skill.

· We help technicians succeed and create exceptional experiences for our clients.

· Being intentional about the client experience builds our brand and reputation.

· When adversity or challenges come our way, we respond with skill which drives a positive outcome.

3. Focus on a universal, relentless effort to continually improve.

· An effort to reach your technical potential

· An effort to continually deliver a better client experience

· An effort to elevate your business development skills

4. Allow our beliefs and behavior to underscore our culture and determine our success.

· We believe that a technician who works hard, builds relationships and takes ownership can achieve incredible success.

· We believe in delivering better client service by being connected, proactive, easy and affordable.

· Our behavior is characterized by hard work, getting better, taking ownership and earning trust.

Great teams win because everyone on the team is aligned around purpose, committed to elevating skills and relentlessly driven by intent. Reach’s success is no different.

If you are a technician, does playing Above the Line and competing to be the best service company appeal to you? Connect with Us

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